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    Product principle:

    Multistage dry vacuum pump adopts the roots rotor with the combination of claw type rotor structure, make full use of the rotor of the roots in the low pressure area extraction efficiency, claw type rotor on the characteristics of the high extraction efficiency, at the same time combines the claw type rotor suction channel is short, the characteristics of the compressed gas to generate heat higher, its performance compared with the traditional simple claw type or simple roots vacuum pump.


    Product advantage

    JGM, JGH series multistage dry vacuum pump, roots and claw type rotor suction principle, through the optimization of multi-stage rotor combination, make the best use of the multi-stage dried roots pump and the advantages of claw type dry vacuum pump and the pressure of wide range to obtain larger actual pumping speed, effectively realized the clean vacuum environment.

    1, double cantilever beam, and motorized spindle drive technology, to ensure the high reliability of the clean, no pollution in vacuum environment

    2, the structure design of precision and corrosion resistance material, can take a corrosive gas and has a very high reliability.

    3, ensure strong torque and high rotational speed of motor output, impact resistant capability is strong, has the stable running performance.

    4, various craft intelligent adaptive

    5, the operation method is concise and easy to understand, security technology, through the CE certification and SEMI S2 certification.

    6, in view of the customer process, can provide customers with "one-stop" work style, system level of vacuum pump application solutions and value-added technical services, provides technical training and quality after-sales service.


    Product application areas


    : Applied

    : Recommend to use


    Key application:

    Integrated circuit, solar cells, LED, can be used for loading chamber, clean process, such as transmission cavity can also be used for PVD, etching, and a variety of CVD moderate corrosion process or strong corrosion process

    Other applications:

    Vacuum metallurgy (steel degassing, tempering and annealing, surface treatment of melting, refining, casting and welding, etc.)

    Vacuum coating system (glass coating, precision optical, etc.)


    Vacuum packaging, food, chemical industry, medicine, machine manufacturing industry such as distillation, evaporation, drying, etc

    No. Model JGH-4200A
    1 Pumping rate 3600m3/h
    2 Ultimate pressure(Shaft seal Nitrogen blow cleaning only) ≤5×10-1Pa
    3 電源 Three-phase 380  50Hz
    4 Rate power of motor 33kW
    6 Rotation speed 2865rpm
    7 Environment termperature 5-40℃
    8 Nitrogen flux 0-150slm
    9 Cooling water Flux >8.5L/min
    13 Max noise <80dB
    14 Gas inlet connecting flange ISO250
    15 Gas outles connecting flange ISO63
    16 Dimension 1985×1107×1810mm
    17 Weight 1700Kg
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